Monday, March 22, 2010

WASCers - you can turn around... we're perfect!

  • Today and Tomorrow (Mon. 22nd & Tues. 23rd) the WASC team is visiting our school... if we get a good report it'll be another 6 years until they come again!
  • Had a thorough campus clean up last Friday to prepare.
  • BRAVO continues... down to 12 players now with the new rule of having the spoon also touching somewhere on your face. The prize: a couples prom ticket; everyone will want to go to prom with the winner!
  • Pennies for Patients: about a dozen ASB members dyed our hair orange and silver sparkley last Wednesday to celebrate the school having raised $170 for Pennies for Patients. Adding in the money from businesses in town who agreed to match whatever we made, we have a final tally of nearly $350!
  • The local scholarship application for seniors is due this Friday, March 26th.
  • On Thursday the 25th our whole school is going to the Fort Bragg school's "Career Day" at which each student will attend three workshops of their choice and a free lunch... it ends at 1:30.
  • AE week is just around the corner... and spring break! Woo hoo!
  • Come and see The Odd Couple, directed by Kara Kundert at the PAC this weekend! Talk to Kara or contact the Community School office for more information.
  • This Saturday from 1:00-3:00 is Arts in the Schools. A group of IMPROV members will be giving a short performance as well as the Mendocino High School and Middle School Chamber Choirs. Also, artwork from the students of Barb Albanese and Mark Oatney will be there to be viewed among other artsy bits!
  • High School Chamber Singers will practice during advisory on Wednesday this week.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

President's Week!

Coming to the end of another break! Here's what's happening at school when we get back:
  • BRAVO continues... many people have been tagged out already. Remember: as the number of people left is narrowed down, the rules will change so that eliminations can be made more easily... your spoon may no longer keep you safe! Any new rules will be hung in the hallway.
  • AE Week Ashland trip fundraiser: selling tickets for MTC's Deathtrap. If you're interested in buying tickets, talk to anyone going on the Ashland trip or see Amanda Gray, Doug Nunn or Tom Sosnovec.
  • Blood-drive March 4th - sign up and get information about it in the office. Must be at least 16.
  • PENNIES FOR PATIENTS: Boxes are in every advisory. This year, we're supporting Natalie, a 7-year-old girl from Napa who has leukemia. Drop any loose change into them! To raise excitement for Pennies for Patients, rewards are the following:
- If the school raises $250: all ASB member will dye their hair purple.
- $500: six ASB members have volunteered to have their heads shaved - one name will be drawn out of a hat and that person will be shaved at an assembly in front of the school. The person who donates the most money at the time of the assembly will be granted the gift of being the one to do the shaving - it's an auction!
- $750: all six of the ASB volunteers will have their heads shaved in the abovementioned fashion.
- $1,000: volunteer teachers will be duct-taped to a wall and pied in the same auctioning manner at an assembly.
* It will not take as much effort as it seems because a couple of businesses in the community have agreed to match anything we earn: if we raise $100, they'll donate $100 and this all counts towards the hair-dying/head-shaving/teacher-pieing!

  • There will be a WINTER GAMES RALLY this coming Friday, February 26th, in the gym during the last 30 mins. of advisory... each game will be a competition between classes!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


  • ASB is has organized the game BRAVO to be played this year again. It can best be described as a game of tag using spoons as the tagging instruments, where each person is "it," and each "it" has a particular target. When a person is tagged, they must then give their target to the person who tagged them - targets are inherited.
  • Sign up by the end of the day tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb. 3rd) and we'll hand out target assignments to each player during advisory on Friday. The game with begin on Monday (Feb. 8th). Fun fun fun!
  • This year, no witnesses are required and the rules will be changed after a few weeks to more quickly eliminate participants.
  • Sign up for spring sports in the office: tennis, baseball, softball, track, golf, lacrosse, club volleyball.
  • Winter Bash went great - should be kept as a tradition every year!
  • Come to the fantastic Improv shows next week from 7-9 p.m. next Wednesday (Feb. 10th) and Thursday (Feb. 11th).

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

  • Happy Holidays and New Year - winter break is over... it was lovely and town was packed: I could hardly navigate through the isles of Harvest at Mendosas! Happy 2010!
  • Next week is finals week, school is out at 12:30 on Friday.
  • Improv has started: Tues. and Thurs. after school until 5:30.
  • BRAVO will be happening soon - presentation assembly on Friday, Jan. 29th in the gym during advisory.
  • Class meetings last 20 mins. of advisory this Friday (Jan. 8th).
  • CSF is in the middle of planning a dance for the Middle Schoolers that should be good - lots of surprises!
  • The sophomore class is also planning a Winter Ball for the high school... hopefully during winter?