Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mendocino High School Bulletin


I touch my country¹s mind. - John Masefield

Friday, January 23
€ PAC ­ MCHS production 7pm (Sat 7pm/Sun 2pm)
€ Basketball HOME vs Pt Arena 3:30/5/6:30/8

Saturday, January 24
€ JVGirls Basketball AT Point Arena TBD
€ PAC ­ MCHS production 7pm (Sat 7pm/Sun 2pm)

Monday, January 26
€ Improv Club rehearsal 3:40-5:30 PAC
€ JOIN a knitting group! Monday12:15-12:45 in the library.

Tuesday, January 27
€ Improv Club rehearsal 3:40-5:30 PAC
€ Basketball HOME vs Anderson Valley :30/5/6:30/8 Exc JVG 2:30

Wednesday, January 28
SENIORS MEET 10:20, Library ­ Grad Cap & gown order info (OFFICERS MEET AT
10:10 ­ LIBRARY)
€ Staff Meeting 3PM WASC Orientation/Introduction

Thursday, January 29
€ Improv Club rehearsal 3:40-5:30 PAC
€ Var. Basketball HOME vs Leggett 5:30/7
Friday, January 30
€ PAC ­ MCHS production 7pm (Sat 7pm/Sun 2pm)

Saturday, January 31
€ MCHS Play Production PAC 7pm (Sun. 2pm)

Monday, February 2
€ Improv Club rehearsal 3:40-5:30 PAC
€ JOIN a knitting group! Monday12:15-12:45 in the library.

Tuesday, February 3
€ Improv Club rehearsal 3:40-5:30 PAC
€ Basketball HOME vs. Round Valley Exc JVG 2:30

February 2009
5, 6 MCHS field trip to San Francisco
10 Registration Deadline 3/14 SAT
11, 12 Improv Club Performances-PAC 7pm $5/$3
24 3rd Quarter Deficiency Notices Due
27 Registration Deadline 4/4 ACT PAHS
28-3/1 Model UN Conf. Berkeley

New website:

The Mendocino Community High School presents ³Sylvia,² a play about a dog, a
man, and his wife. Directed by Senior Laurel Livezey, this pedigreed play
centers around the stray dog that Greg found while trying to avoid work.
Immediately, he grows attached to the feisty and loud mutt, while his wife,
Kate, does just the opposite. As Greg falls head over heels for Sylvia, Kate
watches her perfectly organized life and suitable marriage slowly unravel.
One word of caution. Although a delightful and light comedy, Sylvia isn¹t
the best for young children. But, four letter words aside, this reading is
energetic and full of physical comedy. It runs on January 23, 24, 30, and 31
at 7:00 PM, and January 25 and February 1 at 2:00 PM. It will be performed
at the Matheson Performing Arts Center, and there is a $5 suggested
donation. For more information, call Kamala at 937-0138.

FOUND: gold, adjustable ring in Robin Curry¹s room. See Barb to identify
and claim.

All MHS & Independent Study Seniors: meet in the library Wednesday, January
28 from 10:20- 10:50 to receive ordering information for caps and gowns,
graduation announcements and senior rings, ordering procedures and

AE Week at the Art Center - $100 suggested contribution:
January $25 February $25 March $25 April 1 $25
(only 2 spaces left in ceramics & 2 in blacksmithingŠ)

College/Career/Scholarship Information

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Wednesday, March 18 students and parents invited to an
evening of job and career information at College of the Redwoods, Fort
Bragg. Info 964-9000
Scholarship: Body by Milk and the USA Today's Sammy 2009 Award Program
Amount: 25 - $7500 scholarships
Criteria: There are 5 criteria. academic performance, athletic excellence,
leadership, community service and milk experience
Contact: This can only be applied for online. Go to
<> Deadline: 3/06/09
Bamboo Garden School of Massage's Health and Wellness
Amount: $1,000 towards one of their massage programs
Criteria: Write a 2 page essay on why you want to go to massage school or be
a massage therapist. Also include some background information. Please also
use the local scholarship application (to be emailed to you next week) and
turn everything in to the Career Tech office.
Contact: Autumn Stuckey @ 962-0781 or see Noah
Deadline: 3/31/09
Award: Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Awards 2009
Amount: $36,000
Criteria: Jewish teens who are residents of California and are ages 13-19 at
the time of nomination. The Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Awards welcome teen
nominees who self identify as Jewish, have demonstrated remarkable
leadership, and are actively engaged in projects which embody the spirit of
"tikkun olam" (repair of the world)
Contact: Nomination forms are available at
or call 415-512-6432 Deadline: 02/17/09

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