Sunday, December 6, 2009

Should be snowing!

If it's going to be this cold it really should at least snow! 'Twas hailing this morning though, which is fun.

CANNED FOOD DRIVE class competition (between each grade) going on right now. Finishing the Friday before winter break... put cans in the box in your adviser's classroom. Pizza party as prize!

Just one more week of school until winter break... Christmas is my favorite holiday - it can't be postponed or put off for the year like birthdays can! I just like it because of the lovely spirit of everything and the cheery elevator music.

There will be a winter ball this year, put on by the sophomore class - yeah! The date is still being decided.

Look for the SONAR class's article in the newspaper (Beacon, Advocate, one in Crescent City/one in Humboldt) publicizing their participation as an initiative group in the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) process. We'll be crafting & submitting a map of the northcoast region of California, dividing it into many different areas that we think should be made into 'marine protected areas' to protect our marine ecosystem. We're in contact with the Sierra Club, Del Norte & Humboldt county representatives, and others so that we can share data and create the best possible array. This is an important environmental step for the state and the world, so that the SONAR class is its own group, helping to make it happen, is incredible!

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