Saturday, May 2, 2009

Konocti Tennis Tournament

On Monday and Tuesday April 28th and 29th the Mendocino High School Tennis team competed at the Konocti Tennis Tournament.
Warren Lewis - got 1st place in the mens singles category, beating a hard string of competition along the way. He was ranked as 1st seed.

Savannah and Caitlin Green - Made it to the semi-finals as a womens doubles team and were beaten there by the 1st seed and category winner. They were ranked as 3rd seed and proceeded to get 5 games off of this very strong team.

Ellie Holthaus - Was beaten in the semi-finals by the number 1 seed and first place womens singles category winner but made a valiant effort and proceeded very far in this difficult tournament. She was ranked as 4th seed.

Nevin Shaeffer - Proceeded to the quater finals and a womens singles player where she was unfortunately set to play Ellie Holthous our other mendo player. However, she played a strong game and her skills advanced very much in this tournament.

Jisu Youn and Hannah Daniel - Proceeded to the quarter finals as womens doubles players and there they were beaten by the 1st seed and eventual tournament winners. As a doubles team they advanced their game to a new skill level.

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