Wednesday, February 4, 2009


College of the Redwoods is hosting there last financial aid

When: Thursday, 2/5/09 2pm - 8pm

Where: College of the Redwoods computer lab

Call Marcia at 962-2606 for an appointment. Bring your taxes
or copies of 2007. Students will have a chance to win $500
dollars for just showing up. They will help you fill out
the entire FAFSA form.

P.S. If you don't have a PIN number, get one now at
<> . Remember March 2, 2009 is the

If you are or ARE NOT going to college you should at least do
your FAFSA.It is money for you and takes almost no time to get
done.Things change is life and how you feel today may not be
how you feel 2years from now. Getting this done will mean if
you do want to go to college you will know how much money the
government will give you. Its good for 4 years. Take your
parent and go to CR and get this done.
It wont take long and
will only be a benefit.

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